Tuesday, January 6, 2009

CCSF Technology Learning Center

Using Free Online Animation Makers to
Enhance and Stimulate
Teaching & Learning

presented by Cora Chen

January 7, 2009

Workshop Description:
Language teachers and learners are welcome to attend this hands-on workshop to try out various free animation makers for teaching and learning.

These animation makers can be used to develop fun materials for listening, reading and writing:

1. Xtranormal http://www.xtranormal.com/
Create your own 3-D movies directly in your web browser. Xtranormal offers a wide variety of characters, sets/backgrounds, animations, voices in many languages, even music and sound effects that you can easily add to any movie you create. Cast your actors, write your script, and share your movies with your friends and family by e-mailing the URLs or embedding your movies onto your blogs or webpages.

This animation maker also allows you to use the “Remix” function to edit your movies anytime. This movie maker saves your movies in the “Movies in Progress” section, and you can continue you unfinished movies at a later time.

Also, Xtranormal offers sound tracks with male & female voices with accents in many languages, such as French (including Quebec French and Belgian French), German, Italian, Spanish (including Mexican Spanish), Dutch (including Belgian Dutch), Portuguese (including Brazilian Portuguese), English (including British, Australia and Indian English), and Japanese.

Here are some of my animations for ESL as examples:

2. DFilm http://www.dfilm.com/live/about.html
This movie maker offers a range of colorful backgrounds and characters and allows you to create cartoon scenes with cartoon style dialogue in bubbles. When you finish your movie, email it to yourself and people. The email will contain a link to your movie.
Go to: http://www.dfilm.com/live/moviemaker.html and start making your movie.

3. Digital Films Maker http://www.digitalfilms.com/mm/index.php
This film maker is very easy to use, and it offers step-by-step instructions.
Go to: -->http://www.digitalfilms.com/mm/newmovie.php and start making your movie.

4. Zimmertwins Movie Maker http://www.zimmertwins.com
This site offers 3 cute characters: the Zimmertwins and a black cat. There are lots of movie frames with colorful sets, various emotions and actions for characters that you can easily put together to create your movies. You have to use short words or sentences to fit into the speech bubbles.

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